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Raymond J. Carey


Mr. Carey has been consistently rated by his peers, judges, and clients as preeminent and recognized by them as one of the best labor and employment attorneys in America.

He has over 30 years of experience providing wise, practical, and client-focused advice, counsel, and representation to for profit and non-profit entities, health care providers, public and private educational institutions, state and municipal entities, and individuals with respect to labor and employment related matters, issues, disputes and litigation, including, but not limited to those pertaining to:

  • Employee and employer legal rights and obligations

  • Legal compliance

  • Strategic development

  • Development

  • Drafting

  • Implementation

  • Interpretation of executive, physician, and other types of employment contracts/agreements

  • Development

  • Drafting

  • Implementation

  • Management training with respect to consistent application of effective, employment policies, practices, and procedures

  • Human resource audits

  • Employee hiring and staffing practices

  • Employment testing

  • Employee retention

  • Temporary employee staffing

  • Severing the employment relationship

  • Enforcability of non-compete, non-solcitation, non-disclosure and related types of agreements

  • Reorganizations and reductions in force

  • Compensation

  • Benefits

  • FMLA and other leaves of absence

  • Workplace accommodations

  • Workplace investigations

  • Zero tolerance for workplace violence, discrimination and harassment of any kind

  • Promotion, discipline, layoff, and discharge;

  • Litigation avoidance and mitigation;

  • Equal employment opportunity;

  • Federal and state law wage and hour compliance;

  • Affirmative action;

  • Labor/management relations issues, including effective union/management relations and stategies, union avoidance strategies, how to expeditiously defeat or avoid union corporate-wide and local organizing campaigns, collective bargaining, grievance resolution, and other labor/management related issues.


Mr. Carey routinely and effectively represents employees who have experienced wrongful or discriminatory treatment and harassment at their places of work and/or by their employers, managers, and/or coworkers; employees who have been wrongfully terminated from employment for discriminatory, retaliatory, and other illicit reasons; employees whose current or former employers seek to bar them from new employment by attempting to enforce non-compete and other restrictive terms of employment agreements and policies; and employees from whom employers seek signed releases in consideration for severance benefits.


He appears on their behalf in federal and state court judicial and administrative proceedings, arbitrations and other modes of dispute resolution. He also has successfully defended hundreds of employer clients who have been subjected to individual plaintiff, multi-plaintiff, and class action litigation and other types of legal disputes involving virtually all types of federal and state statutory and common law employment-related causes of action, including EEO, ERISA, FLSA, FMLA, USERRA, Section 301(a), whistleblowing, breach of non-compete, non-disclosure, no-solicitaion and related types agreements, breach of employment contracts, breach of sales commission contracts and policies, and other federal and state statutory and common law causes of action, in federal and state courts, at arbitrations, and in proceedings before federal and state administrative agencies, including the NLRB, DOL, OSHA/ MIOSHA, the EEOC, the MDCR, and other federal and state administrative agencies. He also routinely negotiates innovative and cost effective collective bargaining agreements on behalf of employers.

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