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There are many situations where our plaintiff’s side employment rights practice intersects with the work of our municipal lawyers. Our municipal law practice includes serving as city or township prosecuting attorney for some of the municipalities that we represent. We have lawyers who are in district court prosecuting misdemeanor crimes and ordinance violations every week, which requires them to fully familiar with the criminal justice system in those communities and the counties where they are located. In our plaintiff’s side employment rights practice, we frequently receive calls from individuals who have a criminal conviction that is interfering with his or her ability to secure employment or move to a job with more responsibilities, better opportunities for advancement, and better pay. This is an area where we can be especially effective in helping clients.

Michigan has an adult expungement law that was amended in January 2015, so as to expand eligibility to have a conviction set aside. Under the law, a person can petition the state circuit court to set aside (a) one felony conviction if he or she has be convicted of not more than one felony and not more than two misdemeanors, or (b) two misdemeanors if he or she has been convicted of no more than two misdemeanors and no felonies. There are certain specific types of convictions that may never be set aside, such as a felony for which the maximum punishment is life imprisonment, a list of sexual offenses, a traffic offense involving operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and some other serious crimes. But, for many people who were convicted of crimes when they were younger, paid their debt to society, and have turned their lives around, getting a conviction expunged can be a game changer for the rest of their adult lives.

David Greco and Angela Mannarino both have the unique experience of being district court prosecutors and plaintiff’s side employment rights lawyers as part of their regular, ongoing law practice. They have the type of “been there, done that” experience with this issue and these clients, that they can be very effective and cost efficient in helping them. For referrals, call either David or Angela at (248) 865-0001 or email them at or

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